Sound Service

location Sound Recording

A dedicated Sync sound recording team of Boom Operators, Assistants, with world class Locations sound Equipment to take care of any difficult situation while shooting in India.

Jeeyo Raja Phantom

Sound Post Production

A dedicated Sound Editor, and Foley Artist team with, Pro-Tools based studio are available as per, the requirement of the Film. Sound Post Production is crucial for both SyncSound or ADR/Dubbing but, generally, Editing takes forever and the film comes for Sound Post very close to release date.Film Festivals Entries, Censor board certification deadline and Background music coming at the last hour of mixing, also adds to the pressure. In this Situation Sound Designer’s Job is to create a soundscape of the film with, Dialogue/ Effects Editing, Ambience, and Live FX (Foley)recording, at the same time, make sure that final mix completes well before release date.IMG_1527